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Animals KNOW

October 5, 2012

About what’s going on in their environment, much more than we give them credit for (sometimes).

They pick up on our feelings and thoughts, and they understand what’s happening with their house-mates too.

Take Tiss, a shy, retiring and sweet cat who spends most of her time on the stairs. She may be small, but she’s got the loudest meow in the group of 9 cats.

Tiss had a stroke a few years back. This causes her to lose her balance sometimes, and might also be responsible for her chosen hang-out.

While the other cats visit me regularly in my room, Tiss rarely does. And when she does she doesn’t stay. It’s more of a Hello than a visit.

She IS in love with Tamlin, though! It’s really sweet to see them together in a chair grooming each other when most of the household is abed.

Imagine my surprise when she suddenly jumped in my lap one night as I was working on the computer!

The other 8 cats and I had done The Emotion Code sessions, and I was thinking about getting Tiss on the list. But since she usually hangs out on the steps, she had fallen through the cracks and hadn’t had a session yet. It was the day after the 8th cat that she jumped in my lap.

At first I thought it would be a short visit, but Tiss sat down and began to purr.  I asked her if she wanted to clear some trapped emotions and Tiss settled into a comfy position. I picked up the magnet and asked her “Is this what you want?”. She looked up at me with sweetness in her eyes.

And so we began. We cleared some emotions for her, and then right after I got the message that she was done for this session, she jumped down from my lap and sauntered away.

DId Tiss understand what The Emotion Code can do and how it helped her housemates?

I do think so!

DId Tiss understand that all the other cats except for her had had sessions?

I think so!

Did Tiss know how to convey her request?

It sure seems like it!

Tiss is now enjoying a mutual grooming with her BFF Tamlin.

And I’ve noticed that she isn’t making as much noise with her mewing since that session the other day. Perhaps she knew what to clear and guided the session.

Perhaps we just worked together to create some release.

Whatever the answers, I am glad that Tiss asked me so clearly, and showed her appreciation by jumping in my lap!

It’s a great reminder that our animals really do want to communicate with us, if we’d just give them a little credit. We can work out a method of communication that transcends meows and barks. Most pet parents know this. And yet, there’s always a willingness to take it a but deeper.

Have you really listened to your Fur Children lately? What would they tell you if you gave them more opportunity to speak with you?

I think you’d be pleasantly surprised if you decided to explore that possibility!

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  1. December 18, 2012 4:13 pm

    That is fascinating. Animals can be awesome. I did some emotion code sessions on our little female Westie puppy who would be napping and her tongue was lapping out about 3 inches or may be 2 inches. Anyway I did an emotion code session on her and learned that she did not get enough nursing from her mother. I released that trapped emotion and the tongue activity stopped.

    • March 11, 2013 9:46 am

      Gosh David, it has taken me a very long time to see your comment!
      How wonderful that you were able to have such great success on your Westie!! Animals are so open to energy work, and it’s such a Joy to see how we can love them even more, isn’t it?

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