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Annette Pedersen has an amazing gift for healing, and I feel so blessed to have had four healing sessions with her. The sessions themselves felt very easy, but it amazed me how much information Annette was able to discover with The Emotion Code! Seriously, she tapped into personal and family history that I had even forgotten. The day after each of these healing sessions I would have huge emotional releases. After the first one, I was scared and contacted Annette who reassured me it was normal. After that, I just allowed them and was amazed how powerful they felt, releasing blocks I didn’t even know I had! This is such a worthwhile process to experience. I highly recommend Annette Pedersen as a healer and Emotion Code Practitioner, and recommend you get on her client list as fast as you can (while she still has time)!

~Nancy Barry-Jansson
web & creative svcs,


I had only one session with Annette and we went through *five* trapped emotions. With her friendly and intuitive style, we went through them easily and clearly. With her help, I could clearly identify the times in my life where these emotions were trapped. Now that they are released, I feel as if part of my emotional background noise is gone – parts of what dragged me down doesn’t affect me anymore and I regained happiness and energy in my day to day life that was locked before. Big thanks!!!!

Erik P, Germany

I had the privilege to have two Emotion Code sessions with Annette.
As an EFT and energy medicine practitioner, I have done an enormous amount of personal growth and healing work over the past 10 years.
Annette was able to get to the heart of–and erase–some of the most seminal stories of  my life, which no else has been able to touch, no matter how much work has been done on them.
I can honestly say that an ongoing fear that had lived within me since I was a small child is no longer there.
What a gift to the planet Annette is.  She is a true healer and a brilliant Emotion Code practitioner.
Andi Sutherland
Tonight – in London – I was blessed with an Emotion Code session with our Annette on a Skype call.
Oh Mama, how extraordinary was it?! There is nothing like being in front of one’s screen & feeling – yes *feeling*, energy coursing through your body as someone supremely talented, miles & miles & miles (& then some!) away is clearing away all the *ahem* how shall I put it?! All the emotional poohcake – please excuse my French! – trapped in your magnetic field! Yup, sounds surreal?! Most definitely!
Very HappyVery HappyVery Happy
Oh I do love the Internet! But most of all, when a natural born healer chooses a very powerful way to channel their amazing talent, it is simply awesome!<—Look at me, I have gone all American on you, hehe!
And there were giggles galore, humour & most interesting conversation! Superbly enjoyable & supremely weird in a wonderful way!
Very HappyVery HappyVery Happy
Thank you Annette! When videos of you talking about the Emotion Code appear on GVU & all over the Internet & people go ‘oh yes Annette Pedersen, the famous talented practitioner’ & ‘Doctor Bradley who?!’ I shall slightly smugly – but not too much as smuggitude is a tad unberable – & falsely casually go ‘oh yes, Doctor Pedersen, she is most excellent, she was already marvellous even before she started practising!’ Hehe!
Sophie M, London, UK
I was delighted to be one of Annette’s first co-creators in her Emotion Code practice.  I have to say I wasn’t sure exactly what a heart wall was, but had some of my own thoughts about the subject.  And, I’m going to be honest I was a bit dubious as I am not a proponent of digging through my past live(s), to uncover a lot of, well, messy emotional stuff and baggage.  I was relieved and pleased that that was not required or even necessary.  In fact, when specific things came up, Annette didn’t even want to or need to know the details, they were released.  And I did feel lighter, somehow, after each of the two sessions.  It’s hard to describe, it wasn’t like I felt that I was weighed down with emotional burdens before the sessions, but afterwards, there was a sense of closure, of completeness, of release.  What was also very cool, and we did not specifically address this, but I happened to notice by “accident’.  I had been experiencing some back pain, not enough to see a chiropractor or massage therapist, it was, well, annoying more than painful.  Within the first 30 minutes or so during the first session I happened to stand up because I had been sitting for a while, and all of a sudden it hit me.  I stood up without any pain and was able to walk around without any pain!  So, whether you are looking to clear emotional pain (even not specifically) or physical pain that might be manifesting from the former, I highly recommend Annette’s skills and coaching coupled with her work as an Emotional Code practicioner (check spelling of this word LOL). It’s easy, it’s painless, and she seems to do all of the work for you.  You only need be open! How easy is that?
Greg G, Netherlands
Okay, so I’m here sitting in a room of the 5 star St. Regis hotel in Osaka, Japan, drinking a fresh fruit drink and nibbling on little cookies that the butler brought for me…Oh, but I’m getting ahead of myself!So, some of you may remember that I was moving in to a new place with my son, in Utah, on the first of October, after traveling around for a few years. And that I maybe Rolling Eyes had some mixed feelings about “settling” down, because I am first, foremost, and forever a free spirit, and I had some resistance to what felt like having my wings “clipped”.This is where Annette and her Emotion Code work come in…I had a session with her, and had her do some work with me around my confusion regarding being settled and being free. I was very conscious of my conflicting beliefs–settled and free felt like a complete contradiction to me, and I just couldn’t seem to find my sweet spot. Well, she did her thing, and I did a LOT of yawning and breathing, which always indicates a lot of energy moving for me. And when she was done, she said that it may take 5 days for the work we did to process. Sooo…honestly, I didn’t have it right up there on my conscious radar screen–I was too busy worrying about how I was going to pay my first months rent! Laughing

So the first comes along, and I end up getting it paid with a little help from a friend–but that’s not the interesting part! When I woke up that morning, I checked my e-mail and had one from my older son, who lives in Japan, asking me for a “favor”?! And would it be possible for me to come over for a visit? Okay, in the interest of full disclosure, let me say first that I’ve been to Japan four times before (LOVE IT!) but this year, it had been arranged for his family to come over to Utah for Christmas, so the FIRST thing that crossed my mind Embarassed was, “He better not be suggesting that I come over there instead of his family coming over here for Christmas!!” Evil or Very Mad

It DID NOT EVEN REGISTER THAT I WAS BEING INVITED TO TRAVEL ON THE FIRST DAY OF BEING “SETTLED”!!! Hard to believe, but true! Well, I found out that he really needed me to come over for a couple of weeks to help out–his wife had some stuff going on and really wanted me here, and the trip for Christmas had nothing to do with his request!

So, just for fun, and to make my life a little bit more exciting Laughing he wanted me to come as soon as possible, but my passport had expired a few months ago. No problem–he would pay $ plus to have it expedited, with it arriving on Saturday, with my ticket already purchased for Sunday morning!!! Everything has been covered for me, including this most recent leg of my journey, and he keeps me in “walking around” money as well. Oh, and he’s reimbursing me for my time off from work! Which is the smallest part of his expense for my trip…but hey, I am feeling VERY, actually AMAZINGLY comfortable, in these gorgeous, high price surroundings, and I think an upgrade in my income, which has been on order energetically for some time, is ready for delivery!

So, this admittedly is a long story, but WOW, give Annette a call, and make an appointment!!! Fabulous stuff!

Julie M. , California
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