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Crystal Healing for Pets, Part Two

May 16, 2016

My notes from an interview with Stephanie Arnold from

(Please note that crystals do NOT take the place of good veterinary medicine! Always check with your veterinarian to diagnose and treat any ailments your pet may have.)

Crystals work with Chakras, even on pets.
Be careful of Moldavite, as it would raise energy too fast. Jaspers are more gentle – stick with those for pets. Calming energies and influences are best. Agates are good, they’re on the gentler side.
Crystals with animal names are good fort the animal that’s in the crystal name.Tiger Eye is great for cats, Dalmatian Jasper is great for dogs, etc
Clear quartz will amplify any other crystals.

General Healing, any animal: Clear Quartz. Especially for older pets. Put it in the water or around the house, by their bedding, etc.
Can make an older, lethargic pet more playful.

Animal Communication Booster: Leopard-skin Jasper helps to communicate better with animals, especially cats. (this would be for the human to wear)

Animal throws up: Clear Quartz, Citrine for eating issues (soothes Chakra)

Arthritis: Aquamarine & Bloodstone elixir

Calming: Rose Quartz

EMF blocking: earthy, brown and/or green stones. Amazonite, Black Tourmaline, Brown Striped Agate, Brown Aventurine, Green Aventurine, Brown Agate, Moss-green Jasper, Petrified Wood will all help to ground.
Orgonite, also will help the animals and the pets. Orgonite has been used to keep predators from livestock. Gridded by burying in ground around livestock, gardens, etc. Has been documented to keep predators away – they walk on the perimeter only. Helps service dogs.
NEVER put Orgonite in water!! It contains metal that will leech into the water. Charge water with Orgonite from the outside of the water container.
Orgonite is a huge EMF dispeller, and is used in a Gifting program, where it is buried by power grids, cloudy waters, etc.
Make sure you know the metal in Orgonite is a known and pure metal. Do not use odd amalgams, or unknown metal ingredient Orgonite. Copper seems to be best, or steel, sometimes brass.

Inflammation: Aquamarine (not in water – it contains aluminum)

New pet settling in: Vesuvianite, also known as idocrase for rescued animals previously abused or neglected will help them to relax and forget / forgive.
Celestite / Celestine helps them to let people in again, helps them to trust again. and reduces the blocking. Rose Quartz on you will help them welcome you more.

Socializing: Carnelian

Territorial Animal -Sacral Chakra: Carnelian or Peach Agate to be more social, less agitated, better with noises, less afraid around people.

Tumor reduction: Smoky Quartz for pain. Elixir of Malachite for cancer & reducing tumors, Aquamarine for inflammation (not in water! – indirectly), Clear Quartz to amplify & assist.

Urinary tract issues: clear quartz because several things can be going on at once.


Barking issues: Blue Lace Agate on or near the throat (Throat Chakra), they don’t feel they have to bark at everything.

Barky, guardy dog (nervous, protective): Sacral Chakra, Carnelian. Skittish – Tourmalinated Quartz

Training: Garnet for leaving pet alone (calming),

Amazonite can help dog pick up house training faster.

Ticks & Fleas: Amethyst-charged water, or on a collar

Dalmatian Jasper is calming for dogs.

Rose Quartz (calming), Hawkeye, Turquoise (calming)

Carnelian – encourages healthy aquatic environment; with goldfish is a symbol of wealth

Pyrites, good for skin conditions

The Gem Water book has lots of crystal water recipes. Gem Water: How to Prepare and Use Over 130 Crystal Waters for Therapeutic Treatments on has the most up to date crystal cautions – which ones are OK in water, or with each other, etc. Go to Crystal Cautions section.
Always wash crystals before placing in water, and rinse, rinse, rinse!

How often to recharge crystals? If being used, every two weeks is good.


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