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Crystal Healing for Pets, Part Two

May 16, 2016

My notes from an interview with Stephanie Arnold from

(Please note that crystals do NOT take the place of good veterinary medicine! Always check with your veterinarian to diagnose and treat any ailments your pet may have.)

Crystals work with Chakras, even on pets.
Be careful of Moldavite, as it would raise energy too fast. Jaspers are more gentle – stick with those for pets. Calming energies and influences are best. Agates are good, they’re on the gentler side.
Crystals with animal names are good fort the animal that’s in the crystal name.Tiger Eye is great for cats, Dalmatian Jasper is great for dogs, etc
Clear quartz will amplify any other crystals.

General Healing, any animal: Clear Quartz. Especially for older pets. Put it in the water or around the house, by their bedding, etc.
Can make an older, lethargic pet more playful.

Animal Communication Booster: Leopard-skin Jasper helps to communicate better with animals, especially cats. (this would be for the human to wear)

Animal throws up: Clear Quartz, Citrine for eating issues (soothes Chakra)

Arthritis: Aquamarine & Bloodstone elixir

Calming: Rose Quartz

EMF blocking: earthy, brown and/or green stones. Amazonite, Black Tourmaline, Brown Striped Agate, Brown Aventurine, Green Aventurine, Brown Agate, Moss-green Jasper, Petrified Wood will all help to ground.
Orgonite, also will help the animals and the pets. Orgonite has been used to keep predators from livestock. Gridded by burying in ground around livestock, gardens, etc. Has been documented to keep predators away – they walk on the perimeter only. Helps service dogs.
NEVER put Orgonite in water!! It contains metal that will leech into the water. Charge water with Orgonite from the outside of the water container.
Orgonite is a huge EMF dispeller, and is used in a Gifting program, where it is buried by power grids, cloudy waters, etc.
Make sure you know the metal in Orgonite is a known and pure metal. Do not use odd amalgams, or unknown metal ingredient Orgonite. Copper seems to be best, or steel, sometimes brass.

Inflammation: Aquamarine (not in water – it contains aluminum)

New pet settling in: Vesuvianite, also known as idocrase for rescued animals previously abused or neglected will help them to relax and forget / forgive.
Celestite / Celestine helps them to let people in again, helps them to trust again. and reduces the blocking. Rose Quartz on you will help them welcome you more.

Socializing: Carnelian

Territorial Animal -Sacral Chakra: Carnelian or Peach Agate to be more social, less agitated, better with noises, less afraid around people.

Tumor reduction: Smoky Quartz for pain. Elixir of Malachite for cancer & reducing tumors, Aquamarine for inflammation (not in water! – indirectly), Clear Quartz to amplify & assist.

Urinary tract issues: clear quartz because several things can be going on at once.


Barking issues: Blue Lace Agate on or near the throat (Throat Chakra), they don’t feel they have to bark at everything.

Barky, guardy dog (nervous, protective): Sacral Chakra, Carnelian. Skittish – Tourmalinated Quartz

Training: Garnet for leaving pet alone (calming),

Amazonite can help dog pick up house training faster.

Ticks & Fleas: Amethyst-charged water, or on a collar

Dalmatian Jasper is calming for dogs.

Rose Quartz (calming), Hawkeye, Turquoise (calming)

Carnelian – encourages healthy aquatic environment; with goldfish is a symbol of wealth

Pyrites, good for skin conditions

The Gem Water book has lots of crystal water recipes. Gem Water: How to Prepare and Use Over 130 Crystal Waters for Therapeutic Treatments on has the most up to date crystal cautions – which ones are OK in water, or with each other, etc. Go to Crystal Cautions section.
Always wash crystals before placing in water, and rinse, rinse, rinse!

How often to recharge crystals? If being used, every two weeks is good.


Crystal Healing for Pets, Part One

May 13, 2016

I came across this wonderful article by Stephanie Arnold ~ and wanted to share.

People aren’t the only ones who can gain from having crystals around. The animals that live with us can also benefit from the crystals we position around our homes. You can help your pets further by placing beneficial crystals directly in and around your pet’s area. For example, if your dog has a favorite bed that she loves to lay in, try placing crystals under the padding or blankets to give your favorite furry friend some crystal benefits. Crystals can even be attached to the animal’s collar so that they can absorb the energy all day long, as people do by wearing a pendant.

When your pet is not their normal, active self, seems to be lethargic, or has changed their eating habits, they could be depressed. Yes, animals can be depressed just like people. Often with a pet, this can be caused by the loss of a loved one, such as a human companion going off to college or the death of another pet in the house. Lithium Quartz is very useful as a natural antidepressant for animals in the same way it is for people. Try placing this stone in an area where the animal spends a lot of time, such as under the cushion in their favorite spot on the sofa.

If you have a pet with a tendency to be hyper, try using a Dalmatian Jasper in their area. This playful stone is beneficial for animals and tends to have a calming effect. The energy from this crystal will balance the emotions and help the animal maintain composure. Also called Dalmatian Stone, this crystal is also helpful with children and can ease bad dreams in both, and promotes peaceful sleeping.

If your pet is having trouble in the yard or litter box, Leopard Skin Jasper could be the help they need. This crystal is very helpful for digestion issues and can also alleviate abdominal pain. Try taping this crystal under your cat’s window seat or make an elixir for your dog to drink. To make a crystal elixir, place a cleansed crystal in a glass bowl filled with spring water and leave the bowl in the sunlight or moonlight for 12 hours. If making an elixir from a fragile, water-soluble or toxic crystal, use the indirect method and place the crystal inside a small glass jar before placing in the bowl of water. Either way, the water will become infused with the energy of the crystal. To store the elixir, remove the crystal after 12 hours and pour the liquid into an airtight container, where it can be stored for up to a week. For human consumption, 50% brandy or vodka can be added as a preservative to store it for longer than a week; however, this is not recommended for animal use.

For generalized animal healing, Dioptase is a great crystal to use. This green crystal is especially good for healing of the heart and mind. Often pets can have anxiety and feelings of abandonment when left alone for long periods of time, or when their owners are traveling. Try leaving this crystal with your pet to help alleviate any stress caused by this separation and to instill in them a feeling of being loved. This would be a great stone to attach to your dog’s collar if you work long hours.

Do you feel like you just can’t figure out what your pet is trying to tell you? Mookaite will help facilitate better communication with your animals. This crystal, sometimes called Mook Jasper, will help you to be more in touch with your own animal instincts and ancestors as well. Wear this crystal or carry it in your pocket while spending time with your pets.

As with many people, animals can also gain from the loving energy of Rose Quartz. It can give them the same sense of security and peace, as it does for you. This crystal is especially helpful for rescued pets and those who have experienced trauma or abuse prior to living with you. Placing a large piece of this in the living room will benefit all household members – furry or not.

Of course, if your pet has a severe condition or a persistent issue, you should take them to see their veterinarian to rule out a more serious problem. Crystals can be used as a supplementary healing aid to your vet’s recommendations, but just as with people, should not necessarily be considered a substitute for a doctor’s care.

Having crystals throughout your living environment is a fantastic way to experience all that crystal energy can offer you. We tend to think of ourselves when using crystals, but all living things in our environment are also feeling the effects of the energy from them. Just as plants and animals in the wild benefit from areas where the crystals lie naturally, our pets and houseplants will also gain from the crystals we intentionally place in our home.

Want to learn more about crystals? Visit

How to take your pet to the Vet, or Honest Vibes make All OK

May 8, 2016

I had to take my Ginger to the vet, as she was getting a bloated tummy, skinny backbone, and eating as if she hadn’t been fed in days. As travel with a cat is normally stressful, not to mention a trip to the vet’s, I realized some honest communication was in order.
The 1st time we went, her meows took on the quality of an adolescent boy – squeaky and broken. But I kept telling her she’d come right back home with me. (She was a stray when I got her, so travels don’t equate with coming back home to her)
And she was a VERY good girl! I also kept up a mild banter with the vet and the tech, to keep me calm and steady. On the way home, no meows!
Well, unless I was telling her ‘OK, we turn turn turn now!’. Wink

Ginger needed to return and get a shot, so we went back again today. She did NOT like going in the crate, but I told her matter-of-factly that it was what we were doing. In she went, and when I latched the door, she hissed at me.
I chuckled and told her I didn’t blame her for not liking it Smile

Before I let her out at the vet’s, I asked them 2 questions:
1. Would she be lethargic or anything like that after the shot
2. Was the shot intramuscular or sub-q, and where on her body would it be given.

I bent down to look at Ginger in her crate, and I said to her:
“Ginger . . the nice ladies from last time are here again. It won’t be like last time. This time will be very very quick. They’ll put you on the floor first (to get her weight), and then one lady will hold you very tightly as the other lady bites you really hard one time on your thigh.
This will help your tummy feel better, and it’s the only magic we know to help your tummy.
If you understand, and let them, we can go home after I ask them a few questions, and you’ll feel better.
I love you, and would not make the lady bite you if there was another way.”

We opened the carrier door, and guess what?
Ginger wouldn’t come out!! LOL!!
I said “That’s OK, we can wait all day if you need to prepare.”

So out she came.
She lay on the scale on the floor and didn’t move.
She lay on the table and didn’t move, not even when I asked her if she was ready to be bitten.
She did give a jerk when the needle went in right at first, but I told her this was the biting part. Ginger instantly went still again.

We put the carrier on the table, and right in she went, rubbing against my hand all the time.

I told the vet and the tech that it may have sounded goofy, but our pets pick up on when we’re nervous, or they are suddenly ‘attacked’ by the people at the vet’s. It was just a matter of being honest with myself, and feeling clean about the situation.
I had explained what was going to happen. Not only to Ginger, but to myself. I wasn’t fearful or nervous or guilty, and it went smoothly.
I think it also helped the vet and her tech – I had set them up to succeed their mission easily.

The trip home was the same as the 1st time, with quiet unless I was talking Smile
And the moment she got out of the carrier, Ginger came and licked my toes before asking for brunch. 🙂


P.S. there’s another trick I like to use when transporting an animal in a carrier: try to support the bottom, and carry them BACKWARDS, with the door towards you.
Not being able to escape, or see you, and then having things seemingly fly at them is not conducive to calmness. At least the first few times, or if they rarely travel in carriers.

Whatever Happens – Wanna Be There!

March 6, 2014

“Whatever happens, wanna be there”
Those words were passed along to me by my Friend Dennis, and were originally said by Jay Leno to a nervous 1st-time guest. Dennis and I both feel this is a great mantra, and can be used in so many ways, in so many circumstances.

In fact, last night I used it, and found something magical.

I went to an Irish Pub because I have been SO missing the music and the dance and the FEELING that I had from years ago. There was a live band playing – my reason for going to that pub on that night, and what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than to love me enough to feel bliss. 

Alas, I have been spoiled by Phoenix Irish culture – which is prominent and amazing in its quality. This particular band was at a severe disadvantage from my comparisons.
The mix was not up to par, and the band of two seemed amateurish.
And I knew this was all in my Head – my Judgment of Then v Now, and recreating a feeling doesn’t work so well.
CREATING a feeling does, though, so I reviewed what was happening.
And realized that these people are on stage, doing something they love doing. That much was obvious.
The crowd was loving it too.

Here sit I, in the back row, scowling at your Joy.
Sitting in judgment that my Joy is better than yours.

I had to laugh. In fact, I really DID laugh. I thought about those words by Jay: wanna be there.
Did I wanna be there?
Did I wanna wanna be there?

Another reason I went to see this particular band was that I had been told they were part of an Irish Dance School in the area, and I wanted to get more info on that from a real-live person, in person.
So during a break, I approached the female performer and struck up a conversation. She was very nice, and had good things to say about the school. I got her card, and then asked if they would play a slip jig. She said they would, IF I would dance.

Enter Gremlin: Oh, but I am so rusty. Oh, but I haven’t danced in front of a crowd for so long. Oh there’s really no room to dance . . .


I felt a rush of adrenaline, and my inner talk went something like this (it may be hard to read, but I wanted to record it as accurately as possible)
ohmigawdI’m gonnadance. ohmigodwhat ifIforget ohmigodhowdoesthatgoagain omigodthere’s noroom

And the adrenaline soared.

Enter BEing: This is great!! Feel that energy!! Why, if I DO forget the steps, I will be carried along by this crazy, madcap energy and I’ll just bounce about the floor! I will actually be OK!!

They played a few songs, and then launched into the slip jig. I waited a little, and saw Laura look over at me several times. But I couldn’t do it. I blamed the tripping over the notes, and thought “I can’t follow that”.
And then they segued into a reel. One of my best friend’s most favorite reel ever. And there was no question: I could NOT sit there. It would have been like thumbing my nose at my friend – whose face lights up every time she hears TamLin, and whose feet will not sit still during it.

I tore off my shoes and ripped off my stockings. I went to the side of the stage, listening for the ‘1’ to begin. And I took the floor.

Let me say this:


I danced for Michelle. I danced for Dennis. I danced for Laura. I danced for me.
But above all, I danced for the LOVE of it.

And when I took my bow, it didn’t matter that there was applause. What mattered was that I wanna’d BE there.

I sat down and was trembling. The magical part of this is I realized I wasn’t shaking from ‘nerves’, I was shaking fromVIBRATION. I had upped my Vibration so much so instantly that my body was working overtime to keep up.

In writing this, I am trembling again!



Perceived Value and You

July 28, 2013

I was indulging in one of my favorite activities – looking at houses for sale online. I love seeing the different architecture, landscaping and floor plans. I came across two that appealed to me and was intrigued by the difference in them. One was a huge house with smaller house on the property, a large pool and some amazing interior design. Situated on a scenic drive with a lake behind it and a private pier on the harbor in front.

Resort House














The other is on a tucked-away lane and also has a separate building attached. I had seen the 2nd house while taking a drive and was enchanted by it. 7 bedrooms, a 3-car garage, pool and an arch that spans the driveway and separates the two buildings. I fell in love with the look of the house and the feel of the location.

The house also online appealed to me – the smaller house could be rented out for vacationers or used as a retreat location. Or vice-versa.
Both homes had this capability and I went daydreaming about what it would feel like to live in each home.
The biggest difference between the two besides the total square footage was the use of the property.
House 1 covered most of the property with the living spaces and the pool, while House 2 had less living area and more landscaping.
The prices difference surprised me. While the 2nd house wasn’t for sale, the market value was 1/3 of House 1. I had thought they would be similarly priced.

It was interesting to note how this affected my views on which house I would put an offer on, given the opportunity. I found myself wanting to favor the higher-priced home.
And yet, the FEELING of house 2 was much more appealing. House 1 had a resort-type resonance with me, while house 2 felt serene and homey.

The realization that someone else’s Value label was influencing my choice was eye-opening.
While thinking that I would get more value from a higher-priced acquisition, I was discounting my own Value Points System. The feeling of serenity and peace is much higher on my list than living in a bustling resort. And it’s one benefit more than House 1. 🙂

And that is what’s truly Valuable!

On the other hand, when I bought my car, I had a choice between two. One was a hard-top and in the color I had been looking for. The other was a convertible and close to the color I had been wanting. I have had convertibles before, and I never put the top down. I was thinking that the convertible would be a silly choice, given that fact. As I looked the two cars over, the salesman chimed in with some additional information on the two cars.
The hardtop had a few more miles on it than the convertible. The convertible had a better sound system. The convertible would see a better trade-in rate. The doors on the convertible closed with a more solid sound.
The 2 cars were the same price and model year.
I went with the convertible after considering the salesman’s information.
It was a relatively easy choice, and I am happy with it. I like the color, the look of the car. I love the way he handles the road. I love the responsiveness of this car and how I feel in him. I have buyer’s contentment.

What it comes down to is how your choices MAKE YOU FEEL.
It doesn’t matter if your choice has a higher price tag or a lower price tag than the other option(s).
When you make a choice dependent on price tag only, you’re going to find out that’s how you feel after you take possession. It’s going to become a dominant thought and feeling. You’ll begin to think that your personal choice doesn’t hold VALUE.

Honoring your own desire is the way to have the feeling of Value in the Now. And when you have that, it opens the door for even more Abundance that’s tailor-made for you.

What’s Important Here?

July 18, 2013

What happens when you’re not happy with your finances, and yet you’re doing all the right things – meditations, being focused on feeling better, taking inspired actions?

I sat down and pondered this one day, and I came up with some surprising and rather alarming insights.

The summer started with all kinds of good intentions and anticipation for what was coming: I had just purchased my own home and I had income opportunities. But then I found myself not doing what I had set out to do and as time went by I got to a point that had me a bit panicked. The bills outweighed the income, and it seemed as if the hole was too deep to even consider getting out of. I had a teaspoon and needed a steam shovel.

Sitting in Silence for some days because I knew this was the thing to do, even though it seemed like Action in the form of finding a job was what was needed opened my eyes to a pattern long followed.
I have many times decided that I wanted to do something, found a way to learn how to do it while getting paid for it and was really excited about it. What habitually occurred next was high-detail gigs that no one else wanted due to the amount of work involved. After a few of these projects – which were well received and highly praised – I lost motivation because it took so much work and my ideal time line was way off base. It was taking twice or three times longer to get these projects done. And since it was taking so long, finding something else to support me meant that I would be working 24 hrs a day.

I also had a deep attachment to these projects and wasn’t ready to let them go for something easier.

Which led me to realize that while I was upping the bar on the work done, I wasn’t upping the bar on the compensation for my time!
I found myself avoiding the very thing I had wanted because it was not nourishing me in the way desired.

As this may sound very discouraging, I realized that, unless I faced this and observed what was going on in my psyche, I was going to keep repeating this pattern. And let me tell you, I am tired of it! 

The home I purchased was fully furnished and the asking price was ridiculously low. I spent more money than planned because the electric wiring had to be entirely replaced. And as I sat looking around, I saw so many things that needed to be fixed. My thought was that I wouldn’t do these repairs because I would most likely not see any return on them, and wanted to save any monies for a better place.

Do you know what that actually means?

I made Money more important than Me.


I wanted to create a schedule to finish more projects and support myself in the way I had envisioned at the start of the summer.
I told myself sternly that I had to buckle down and get these done so I could pay my bills AND eat AND have cat food.


I made Money more important than Me.

Do we rail against ourselves when we go out to dinner and scold ourselves because that money won’t be returned to us?
How many things do we buy that don’t have a resale value? Electricity, food, clothing.

Why would I want to make myself live in a situation that I found distasteful, for any reason?
Am I not more important than Money?

I don’t know if I will make the repairs or fix anything, but the knowledge that it is for ME and I deserve to treat myself well is a huge relief and a great shift in thinking.

Are YOU more important than Money?
Are you willingly causing yourself to suffer because you don’t think you deserve to live or thrive instead of merely surviving?

Cougar Moves to Tiger

March 25, 2013

Last week  I posted about my message from a Cougar here: Message From A Cougar

and since I moved into the Tiger Tail Lodge, I’ve had the pleasure of sitting outside with a tiger for scenery.

Which of course got me to thinking . . .

And I realized that, while I have some great feelings about the video work I’ve been doing, I haven’t claimed it.

I haven’t done what Artemis asked me to consider: walking in my own power.

I was given a task that excited me, something that I really like doing, and something that sees the time pass as though an hour is only 5 minutes long.

And yet, I wasn’t getting it done as quickly as I wanted. I wasn’t able to get the footage needed. I kept attempting to schedule it, but it wasn’t happening.

So I began to pout a bit.

But then I asked myself: Do I really want this, or do I want to think about it?

If I just want to think about it, then all should be well.

It wasn’t all well – it was frustrating.

Which means that I wanted to DO IT.

Step up to my own plate, as it were.

take1 copy

I scheduled a shoot for Thursday. As I walked over, I felt nervous and a bit frightened. Even though I had assistance in the form of an impromptu director, true to my inner feelings, the shoot went . . . .well, not great.

I had to scrap most of it.

Crikey – I had given away my Production Power!!


The cameras came with me on Sunday, and when we had 15 minutes of downtime, I gathered people, gave them their roles and began shooting video.

What do you know? Now I have most of what I need to finish the project!

And I decided that tomorrow I will make the time after tours to gather people again and repeat the process for the remaining footage.

Are there places in your life that you want to be different, but you haven’t stepped up to your own plate?

Are you wishing that things were different, instead of taking charge and making it happen?

Frustrating and self-defeating, isn’t it?

It was scary for me to do this at first. I thought I’d be stepping on toes, or being seen as bossy.

But when I took charge with an inner grin, everyone wanted to do what I asked! They followed directions and were smiling. That footage got shot in short order and is usable.

Jump in! Don’t wait for the time to come to you . . . get in there and get ‘er done!

It doesn’t matter if the 1st time isn’t perfect, you’ve got a comparison now, and you can tweak it if necessary. And if it feels like fighting, take a breath and ask where you’re pushing it. Being aggressive doesn’t work well – it usually gets a result similar to being wimpy.

Taking a shower or choosing what to eat is a good example of how stepping up to your own plate feels like.

It’s calm, it’s natural.

And Tiger says:
That’s how to do it!!  SarmotiWatchesCrop

Message From A Cougar

March 17, 2013

I love cougars. 2nd only to cheetahs in my love of animals, I find them fascinating. When I first started working with them for my Level 2 Internship at Big Cat Rescue, I was over the moon happy. Still am.

And so, it seemed, was Artemis.

Artemis is one of 3 cougars who live together: Artemis (the Female), Orion, and Ares the Leader. Ares has nixed people from working with this trio, as he is that picky. He stalks and charges those he doesn’t like. With me, he likes to flop over and PURRR. Heaven!!

Artemis followed me, played hide-and-seek and wanted to look into my eyes the 1st day. She has since been watchful, but certainly not outgoing like she was the 1st day.

A few weeks later, she showed signs of friendship again. And since I since I had gone in just for feeding the time we saw each other was quite short.

I’ve looked up what Cougar Medicine means, and the myth of Artemis, but her reaction today made me realize WHO SHE LIVES WITH – so I looked them up too.

After reading about them, I realized what I have done these past 3-1/2 months is to put the Spiritual on the shelf. I thought I needed to focus on the Internship to the exclusion of all else.

You can imagine that my energy level began to droop, and then to leak out at an alarming rate. I thought I was exhausted and all I wanted to do was sleep.

But after paying attention to lovely Artemis’ message, I feel the energy returning. I am re-discovering my connection to my Inner Self, using the natural surroundings here to intensify it. And I am tuning back in to my Inner Voice.

It feels energizing and whole. Peaceful and inspiring.

An opportunity for an Emotion Code session popped up, and I took it with gratitude! It was a very good session, and my client wasn’t the only one who felt release and healing!

Prior to Artemis’ message, it was as though I live in two worlds – the ‘normal’ or mundane world, and the Spiritual world. I have fought and struggled to get myself out of the mundane world and more into the Spiritual world.

And since I fought, it became my focus.

And since it was my focus, what I wanted drifted further and further into the ether . . .

Thank you, dear Artemis, for your timely and gentle message to get out of my head and into my heart.

Thank you, Orion and Ares for assisting that message with purrs and goofy antics!

Isn’t it wonderful when we can learn important things with such tender teachings?

Info on Cougar Medicine can be found here:

And here: One White Horse Standing

Artemis Reference:

Encyclopedia Mythica Artemis


Orion: Encyclopedia Mythica Orion


Ares: Encyclopedia Mythica Ares

Whose Side Are You On?

March 11, 2013

There are many strongly opinionated personalities in my world at the moment. These persons are quite vocal about their opinions, and while I have stated my thoughts about things on occasion, I find that I’d rather stay quiet about most of the topics. Probably because the majority of those topics are others’ beliefs and actions.

Which got me to thinking: Whose side am I on?

I don’t do cliques well – to my mind, they can be blindly loyal to what the most vocal of the group thinks or believes. Lately it feels as if there’s a Victim of the Week game going on, and that feels like such a waste of energies. (Not to mention UNcomfortable.)

Does that mean I don’t commit, or that I have weak opinions? Or . . perish the thought . . two-faced?


Here’s what feels true for me:

I am on Higher Vibration’s side.

I empathize with those who are in pain, and wish to help them find their way to feeling better.

I cheer for those who want to change existing conditions for the better (ah . . what a subjective statement THAT is!)

When someone I care for does something that causes dissent or discomfort, yes I vent about it.

Yet, aren’t they acting from what they know, how they feel at the moment? Isn’t that itself something to be compassionate about?

And when someone I don’t really care for does something well, or nice or from the heart, that is also cause for celebration.

I am not wishy-washy or weak or indecisive. What I aim for is a connection to Higher Self, whether it be for me or another. Certainly not perfect at it, but it’s what I aim for.

I don’t believe in punishment – I believe in discovering the source of pain that caused the ‘wrong’ action and bringing a connection to Source into the mix.

I am on the side of High Vibrations.

In the Driver’s Seat

November 2, 2012

It’s the contrast of fear that I will drive through – literally – to become someone I’d like to be.

The day of my departure for Florida and Big Cat Rescue is approaching fast. Like, tomorrow!

Saying I’m nervous is a huge understatement! If I could just be there, blinking myself to the Big Cat driveway like Jeannie would be so easy.

But that’s not what coming into your own is about. You’ve got to walk the walk and get to know yourself as the one who gets it done.

You’ve got to accept the fact that this amount of change is scary and you don’t really know what’s coming next.

And you do it anyway, because you know deep down inside that you can. There will be no wondering later if you could have.

There will only be Celebration that you did.

And the realization, after the drive, that you ARE a Genie!