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Hello, and thank you for stopping by!

My name is Annette Pedersen, and I  worked as an Exhibit Guide at the Phoenix Zoo while happily studying to become a certified Emotion Code Practitioner.



I was also excited to have been accepted to the Internship Program at Big Cat Rescue! AnnetteArthur      Copter's Crate

Certified in The Emotion Code


My Background

Born in Churchville, PA, I greatly enjoyed being outdoors and pretending to be a mountain lion. A few state moves and decades later, I landed in Phoenix, AZ, where the journey to my true self began. Rubbing shoulders with many self-empowerment coaches & avidly reading any material on how to create your own life and connect to your soul, I found myself realizing that my true Joy was in passing the information on to others. A teacher and healer began to emerge within me. And then I found The Emotion Code.


Why the Emotion Code?
The beauty of its subtlety and the depth of this modality grabbed my full attention. The ease of healing for others spoke to my Soul, and so I began The Emotion Code certification process.

I am now releasing the trapped emotions of my clients—both human and animal—that may inhibit them from experiencing a full, happy life. 524619_10151347891911370_991664543_n




Why this site?

I have created this site to showcase information about Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code and Body Code, and related topics around animal and human energy clearing. Since I love animals, my favorite thing is using the Emotion Code to clear blocked emotions in domesticated animals and humans.


Thank you for joining me on this wonderful healing journey!

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