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The Other Side of The Wall – I Got an Insta-Fam

October 26, 2012

Just about everything that I identified myself with before clearing my Heart Wall has either shifted or been eliminated.

I am no longer someone who doesn’t know what to do – – I have The Emotion Code and Big Cat Rescue. And Florida.

Neither am I someone who stays small and quiet in the corner . . I have written about myself and my adventures here on the blog and I am much more confident when speaking to others. And I also sat down the other night and wrote out an entire program for workshops.

I am no longer someone who has little to no support – – the online community at Good Vibe University is a strong support system for me, as are the people I have connected with online and in person. I have good friendships that span between 1 and 38 yrs.

And one thing that has totally changed that I never would have imagined is Family. Which also falls under the heading of support.

I was someone who had no family except for my brother, who is many states away in Pennsylvania. I was that person for 28 years. Twenty-eight years!

And then, out of the blue, right after the person who was involved with losing the family home had contacted me, and we’d had closure . . who pops up on Facebook? Liking my Page?

My COUSIN! Who was the third party in the house-loss drama!

What are the chances?

And what are the chances of these two people showing up one right after the other?     –  No, they didn’t and don’t know each other 😉

And even more than that . . .  soon after a Heart Wall clearing??

I wrote about what to expect after a Heart Wall was cleared, and how things might (probably) change in the matters of what you want and those you spend time with.

And how NOT following your heart is about impossible after clearing a Heart Wall.

But I really never thought that you’d be able to change the past or get an instant family reunion.

Change the past you say is impossible. But what DO you call it when you find out that most of what happened was in NO WAY what you thought happened? Wouldn’t it change a lot of perceptions – – of yourself, of life in general?

That’s what happened for me. I decided to respond to the Like and ask about what happened back then. It did take a while to make sure I was in the right mindset to do so. I wanted clear and simple. No blaming or whining. Just the facts, ma’am.

And I got an outpouring of relief that I responding at all, explanations that made sense, and just about the weirdest feeling ever.

My family that I have been out of touch with for 28 years reads my blog.   

And they like it!


So I sat with that for a day or two, feeling it out.

As a matter of fact, I am still feeling it out. This is something so out of left field that I am a bit stunned.

But I am very happy that I was able to ask a simple question instead of staying in resistance to knowing anything.

I’m glad that I took a breath and a chance.

And I’m glad that as I prepare to go to Florida to follow my dream, I am also creating what I have wanted for a long time:




and Family, both chosen and blood-related.

Life is magical if you let it be so. And so are you.

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