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I’m a Bear!!

July 24, 2012

I really don’t know why I was inspired to post this here, today, but I am going with it. It makes me laugh to remember it, and hopefully, it will make you laugh too.

As if things couldn’t get stranger in my life – I had quite the surprise when I went into work one night about a year and 1/2 ago. Here I was, all ready to man the stroller rental booth, when I was alerted that I was to be ‘Nanook’.

What in the WORLD is Nanook

I’d never heard of it.

This was a crazy night, to be honest. I learned about total trust in others, my own abilities and expression, and an awful lot about unconditional Love.

From my friend Nathaniel:

I love how you thought you were just going to work the rental strollers. I go to the Akron Zoo all the time. So I know that person. And I think it’s hilarious that some Zoo Boss alerted you that you were to be Nanook. And it’s even more hilarious that you have been working for the Zoo for a while and never heard of Nanook. I totally want to write a mini play of it right now.

Annette: Good morning Mr. Elephantsmakemerich. Hey did you know we are down one red butterfly wagon?

Elephantsmakemerich: Uh, Annette don’t worry about that. You’re not going to be working the rental strollers today.

Annette: I’m not?

Elephantsmakemerich: No, I have a special project for you.

Annette: Really? What’s that? I’ve been wanting something special to do lately. you have no idea how boring this job is.

Elephantsmakemerich: Well, I need you to be Nanook.

Annette: What’s a nanook?

Elephantsmakemerich: Why don’t come in to my office. I have something to show you.

Annette: Okay?!


Is that how it happened??


My reply:

Ha ha ha!!
Sorta, kinda, in a way .. . but not really.
It was more along the lines of
Annette: WhEEEEEE!      Wait . . .you want me to WHAT????

Elephantsmakemerich & Ottersdrawvisitors: You’ll be warm all night! So what you can’t see, drink, talk, sit down or use the bathrooms. You’ll be WARM!!
Oh, by the way – – you’re a BOY bear.


Like, someone CHECKED???

And another thing:
I never EVER thought a workplace rule would be
Don’t take off your head where guests can see you.

Here’s what Nanook is, in a short (very) video.  Watch and laugh:

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