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Cougar Moves to Tiger

March 25, 2013

Last week  I posted about my message from a Cougar here: Message From A Cougar

and since I moved into the Tiger Tail Lodge, I’ve had the pleasure of sitting outside with a tiger for scenery.

Which of course got me to thinking . . .

And I realized that, while I have some great feelings about the video work I’ve been doing, I haven’t claimed it.

I haven’t done what Artemis asked me to consider: walking in my own power.

I was given a task that excited me, something that I really like doing, and something that sees the time pass as though an hour is only 5 minutes long.

And yet, I wasn’t getting it done as quickly as I wanted. I wasn’t able to get the footage needed. I kept attempting to schedule it, but it wasn’t happening.

So I began to pout a bit.

But then I asked myself: Do I really want this, or do I want to think about it?

If I just want to think about it, then all should be well.

It wasn’t all well – it was frustrating.

Which means that I wanted to DO IT.

Step up to my own plate, as it were.

take1 copy

I scheduled a shoot for Thursday. As I walked over, I felt nervous and a bit frightened. Even though I had assistance in the form of an impromptu director, true to my inner feelings, the shoot went . . . .well, not great.

I had to scrap most of it.

Crikey – I had given away my Production Power!!


The cameras came with me on Sunday, and when we had 15 minutes of downtime, I gathered people, gave them their roles and began shooting video.

What do you know? Now I have most of what I need to finish the project!

And I decided that tomorrow I will make the time after tours to gather people again and repeat the process for the remaining footage.

Are there places in your life that you want to be different, but you haven’t stepped up to your own plate?

Are you wishing that things were different, instead of taking charge and making it happen?

Frustrating and self-defeating, isn’t it?

It was scary for me to do this at first. I thought I’d be stepping on toes, or being seen as bossy.

But when I took charge with an inner grin, everyone wanted to do what I asked! They followed directions and were smiling. That footage got shot in short order and is usable.

Jump in! Don’t wait for the time to come to you . . . get in there and get ‘er done!

It doesn’t matter if the 1st time isn’t perfect, you’ve got a comparison now, and you can tweak it if necessary. And if it feels like fighting, take a breath and ask where you’re pushing it. Being aggressive doesn’t work well – it usually gets a result similar to being wimpy.

Taking a shower or choosing what to eat is a good example of how stepping up to your own plate feels like.

It’s calm, it’s natural.

And Tiger says:
That’s how to do it!!  SarmotiWatchesCrop

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  1. Lois permalink
    March 25, 2013 12:57 pm

    Thank you once again Annette for the encourgement to step up and start working on what I have been undisciplined to begin and carry through. I am tired of carrying the burdens of another day passing and no progress made – I will step up, stretch myself, and begin to accomplish so that those heavy burdens fall. Love you and your loving inspiration.

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