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Message From A Cougar

March 17, 2013

I love cougars. 2nd only to cheetahs in my love of animals, I find them fascinating. When I first started working with them for my Level 2 Internship at Big Cat Rescue, I was over the moon happy. Still am.

And so, it seemed, was Artemis.

Artemis is one of 3 cougars who live together: Artemis (the Female), Orion, and Ares the Leader. Ares has nixed people from working with this trio, as he is that picky. He stalks and charges those he doesn’t like. With me, he likes to flop over and PURRR. Heaven!!

Artemis followed me, played hide-and-seek and wanted to look into my eyes the 1st day. She has since been watchful, but certainly not outgoing like she was the 1st day.

A few weeks later, she showed signs of friendship again. And since I since I had gone in just for feeding the time we saw each other was quite short.

I’ve looked up what Cougar Medicine means, and the myth of Artemis, but her reaction today made me realize WHO SHE LIVES WITH – so I looked them up too.

After reading about them, I realized what I have done these past 3-1/2 months is to put the Spiritual on the shelf. I thought I needed to focus on the Internship to the exclusion of all else.

You can imagine that my energy level began to droop, and then to leak out at an alarming rate. I thought I was exhausted and all I wanted to do was sleep.

But after paying attention to lovely Artemis’ message, I feel the energy returning. I am re-discovering my connection to my Inner Self, using the natural surroundings here to intensify it. And I am tuning back in to my Inner Voice.

It feels energizing and whole. Peaceful and inspiring.

An opportunity for an Emotion Code session popped up, and I took it with gratitude! It was a very good session, and my client wasn’t the only one who felt release and healing!

Prior to Artemis’ message, it was as though I live in two worlds – the ‘normal’ or mundane world, and the Spiritual world. I have fought and struggled to get myself out of the mundane world and more into the Spiritual world.

And since I fought, it became my focus.

And since it was my focus, what I wanted drifted further and further into the ether . . .

Thank you, dear Artemis, for your timely and gentle message to get out of my head and into my heart.

Thank you, Orion and Ares for assisting that message with purrs and goofy antics!

Isn’t it wonderful when we can learn important things with such tender teachings?

Info on Cougar Medicine can be found here:

And here: One White Horse Standing

Artemis Reference:

Encyclopedia Mythica Artemis


Orion: Encyclopedia Mythica Orion


Ares: Encyclopedia Mythica Ares

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