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Throwdown at Petting Zoo . . or A Goat Got my Goat

August 25, 2012

  I was contacted recently by someone who was a co-creator in ‘losing’ my family home. It took me a while to realize who this person was,  and I didn’t really feel anything towards him.
It felt really good to be so nicely aligned with Peace and Harmony vibrations. It was more of a ‘Meh??’  reaction than anything else. Surprising, but no big deal.

That was, let’s see, right after my GoodVibeUniversity’s call on The Emotion Code, and speaking on how healing it is to release trapped emotions. (funny how that’s the timeline, huh?)

Sunday. Sunday Sunday. Sunday was not a fun day by any means. I felt heavy about going in to the Zoo and it was hot and humid.
OK – not a fun day by any means isn’t true. I wanted the cloud cover to last all day, for animal and human comfort. Most people told me it wouldn’t last. I said that it would. The cloud cover broke up at the time the weather people said it would – but it was followed by a BIGGER cloud cover that DID last all day.
HA! That was fun! Very Happy

But I digress from the Goat story.
I walked in with a volunteer I wasn’t familiar with. Something about her energy wasn’t sitting well with me. I went on to the Petting Zoo, did a lot of poop-scooping boogie, and KEPT THINKING ABOUT THE EMAIL CONTACT.
I realized this is exactly what the Focus effect is, an how the dominant thought will bring itself to life in the physical world.    I distracted myself time and time again, yet I returned to the thought time and time again. I realized that while I have no mean thoughts about this person, the contact itself with an attitude of ‘all is well, we parted friends’ was NOT OKMad

I began to feel down and drained and just wanted to go home.
The last hour, the Volunteer dropped in. We had a few Guests there, too. I felt an immediate resistance to this Volunteer. She said something, I answered contrarily. (she’s really very nice) I felt a bit uppity, and that wasn’t comfy either.
She had just finished talking about not being as fast as a goat if you’re trying to take tasty maps away from them when Seymour got a map.
I dropped the pooper-scooper and took off after him.
Please realize that Seymour is a big, strong goat. He weighs in about 90 – 100 pounds, and he’s a stinker.
So Seymour takes off, and I persist. Grabbed him by the collar. As soon as I had that collar, Seymour darts to the side. We’re on slippery smooth concrete and my shoes have no tread left. Can you guess what happened then?

Oh, yes, down we went. Radio goes flying one way, hat another.
And still, I DON’T LET GO.
So we swing back up and Seymour takes off like a rocket.
And . . . I DON’T LET GO

Seymour finally stopped, and I looked for any traces of map – – come on, they were swallowed about 30 feet ago . .

I let him go then. The volunteer asked me if I was OK. One of the Guests had retrieved my hat and radio. I attempted to laugh it off, but I could feel the discomfort and embarrassment, and it wasn’t just me (I think).

After that group left – must say they didn’t run out of the Petting Zoo (maybe they thought Goat Rodeo is common) – my body just broke down into tears. All over. My hip was sore. My elbow was scraped. My knee wasn’t happy.
I tried to apologize to Seymour, but he looked at me as if Aliens had invaded my body and took off running again.

(I told my supervisors about the event later, and they thought it was funny. hmmm. . )

Anyway, as the hour went by and I struggled to keep my composure and not break into sobs, I realized that while I was kinda OK with the email from the past, I WASN’T OK with the attitude of said contact. My boundaries had been trampled on and I didn’t like it. My Inner Being didn’t like it. I wasn’t in Alignment with dismissing the event of the past without fully processing it.

And my focus wouldn’t shift because I wasn’t allowing myself to feel indignant, upset, snooty even.
I wasn’t allowing myself to have new boundaries.
Eliminating tolerations is best followed by setting new boundaries. We’ve talked about that before here at GVU, but I hadn’t done that part. Soo . . .I was reminded to do so. In a way I couldn’t brush off.

I came home and fell into bed. I didn’t know if I had the energy to eat, even. I just wanted to lie there, feeling emotionally battered and physically bruised. It was not quite 1p and I didn’t want to move for the rest of the day.
Yet, I also wanted RELIEF and to FEEL BETTER. That was obviously the dominant thought and focus, because that’s when I saw Greg Gibb’s post about Patricia Cota-Robles and her webinars.   I watched all of the webinars, and the relief was HUGE.

Oh yes, Focus can over-ride feelings, for sure. Now I know that when something grabs my attention and won’t let go, even when I use all the tools to find the Better Feeling Thought, I need to PAY ATTENTION. Get down to the nitty-gritty and find out what’s Really bugging me. That in itself is a Better Feeling Thought.

Thank you, Seymour, for taking me down and being such a Stinker.
Thank you, Greg, for being my Hero this Sunday.
And thank you (me?), my Inner Being for helping me process this.

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  1. September 21, 2012 7:13 pm

    Oh Annette, I couldn’t help it … I laughed out loud at your escapade with Seymour!
    You write soooo well I could almost see it.

    But what a lesson about the power of focus,
    and feeling better,
    and allowing.

    Huge awareness shared here, angel.
    Thank you.

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