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Stuck? Try Transitioning

August 10, 2012

There’s a lot of good advice out there about how to create our lives.

Visualize where it is that you want to be and what you want to be doing. See yourself in that picture and get the feeling of being there. Acting as if it were already here for you and it will soon manifest as physical reality.

This is true and I’ve seen it happen for myself and many others. Yet there are times when this doesn’t happen, and people get frustrated. They don’t know what’s gone wrong – why it doesn’t come to them after they’ve taken all the steps that brought success before. This commonly happens for those things that you’re really wanting. Those things that are a big change for you, like moving to another state or country, or making good money doing what you love.

Resistance to something is there and you don’t know what to do about it. Sometimes totally giving up and letting it go works. Sometimes doing a lot of clearing work does the trick, after you’ve sat down and identified what it is that’s counter-intentional for you.


I’ve done a lot of visioning and feeling the feeling. Looking for what it is that I am resisting and/or blocking, and then doing release techniques on them. I’ve seen results, too, yet not always quickly.

What if there’s an easier, faster way?

What if we focus on the Transition itself?

If you want a big life change, it may be a high jump to get your beliefs aligned with it. But if you focus on being in transition from here to there, it’s a lot easier to believe.

We are always in transition. We move from moment to moment, from event to event and relationship to relationship. Life is not static.

Embracing that and using it to your advantage is a way to give yourself some wiggle room and play with the new you. It frees up energy spent on trying to get THERE and helps you enjoy HERE. Each step becomes a success in itself. And as you know that you are moving along (because you cannot remain stationary), your confidence builds. As your confidence builds, so does your outlook. And as your outlook becomes better, you take more steps – bigger ones that suddenly reach critical mass and the next logical step takes you right where you thought was too big or wonderful to get to.

You won’t get stuck in a ‘transition loop’, either, because as stated above, you are always moving from one thing to the next.


The transition itself is the Key.

Ways to get yourself in tune with your transition to your dream life might include affirmations  such as “I am moving into a life that’s easy and flows with abundance.”, or “I am in the process of learning how to create my own reality”.

You may also play the ‘Acting As If’ game, but with a slightly different focus. Instead of getting ready for work and acting as if you’re a hugely successful entrepreneur,  you might act as if you’re someone who’s stepping out of the hours-for-money world into one where you set your own hours & income rate.  Or you could make dinner acting as someone  who is finding new ways to become happier.

If you do Vision Board work, change the way you look at it. Instead of seeing it as something you’ll get to, see it as something you’re GOING to. Smile as you look at it and think “Yes, I’m moving right towards that.” And leave it at that.  Just know you’re moving towards it.


You’re not doing anything wrong. You’re not omitting anything important in your Deliberate Creations. But maybe you are seeing it from a point of view that will serve you better if you change it to one of movement and being OK with that.  Happy with it, even.

It really is all you need to do. Perhaps that’s why it’s not always obvious.


Be in motion with your dreams. Be in motion with your progress. Be in motion with your present moment. All the cooperative components will meet when they’re ready.
Because they’re in motion, too.














Chronophotography of dancer Ami Shulman walking, Montreal, July 2009. Credit: Butch Rovan

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