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More Animal Clearings! Meet HobieCat and Willa

August 3, 2012


HobieCat is a handsome boy who likes being an active cat!

He also had a penchant for love-biting. Even though he solicited petting, the love-biting was counter-productive because we were wary about petting him.

That was before two 5-minute sessions with The Emotion Code. At first, Hobie was most curious about what I was doing, but when I ran the magnet down his back, he decided this was a very good activity indeed! After that first trapped emotion was cleared, he sat still and waited for more magnetizing.

And now, two weeks later, he’s not biting as much or as hard. He’s very gentle and mostly just rubs his teeth on a person. This gets him a LOT more petting than before!   He’s also friendlier and more playful – much more a part of the family than he was previously. We loved HobieCat before his Emotion Code sessions, and now he can love us back safely!!


Willa is a sweet and small Lilac Point Siamese of indeterminate age. She’s very thin and doesn’t like to interact with the other cats.

But that was BEFORE two 5-minute sessions with The Emotion Code. Willa knew what was up right away, and was ready and willing to participate in releasing trapped emotions.

Two weeks later, and she is still thin, but her appetite has improved and she’s more accepting of the other cats. In fact, when I was taking her picture for this post, she was grooming Meg! And no hissing! Meg’s happy about that, too, because she loves being groomed.  Willa is seen much more often  – she’s not hiding like she used to.  A month ago, Willa would come into my room, but she would keep to laying under the table where she felt protected. Today, Willa comes up on the bed and travels confidently around the room.

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