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Focus Shift Finds Things – – -cont

July 19, 2012

Day four saw me reading birthday posts with a smile on my face. Last year I didn’t want to look at them at all – I felt guilty and unworthy of such celebration for me.

The days have been overcast and I can’t tell you how HAPPY this makes me!! I love the rainy nights! And days . . .  🙂 🙂

I’ve been looking at housing options on the interwebs (haha), and I am liking what I see! Lots of options . . lots and lots.  Camp hosting – that would be fun!  Free mobile homes if you renovate the home . .FREE~~~  There’s too much out there for me to make a decision that it has to happen a certain way. I’m even thinking about calling a realtor to explore more options!

I do have Sunday Syndrome, though – I don’t want to go to work! I am having too much fun here, and there’s lots to do. And again – no need to take a nap.  This is getting to be usual instead of unusual. I am also doing my Directions and Angels prayer every morning.  Well, every morning since the clearing session. 🙂

WHOA!!!! The evening event was canceled! See me dance and sing about that!



Day 5

Talking to a co-worker about her idea for purchasing an income home in the pines, I thought more about the Florida research. Not that I need to research Florida – I know that’s where I want to move. But researching the types of living arrangements – that’s fun!

Guess what???  

I did an experiment at Stingray Bay today, to see if I could tap into the magic and find more dental plates. I did! It wasn’t as fun as the first time, but I figured out how to get to the ‘finding’ spot. It still wasn’t as fun as the last time, so I only found six. One of them was teeny-tiny small, and another was old & very dark. Hard to see.  What do you think? I think I am walking my talk, that’s what.

I also did some swimming exercises with Michelle,  one of the best people on the planet, whom I live with. There’s a pool here and that’s the first time I’ve been in it! I’ve been here since March and it’s Phoenix, for heaven’s sake!!

photo by Frank Commelin, Teaneck Camera Club Award winner

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