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Focus Shift Finds Things – an Emotion Code Diary Day 3 of 7

July 14, 2012

Another dream. This time I think it was where I am right now, so we’re in the present. At least we were last night – dreams are not linear! There was a cat with me (what a big surprise!), but I can’t remember much more.

NO pain at all today!! It wasn’t til I went to sit down and write that I realized it.

Again I got things done that weren’t all that exciting. Just blasted right through them and then got down to what I wanted to do. Made a big fat list and have crossed off all but a few. In fact, I am working on those items right now.   Multitasking can be your friend!  🙂

I am noticing that I giggle out loud a lot more. I mean, a LOT more. How nice is that? And I am writing!! I’ve wanted to write posts and chat with people, and here I am doing it. Feels good.  I did want to take a nap today, right after lunch. Sleeping after eating is normal for me, as I get all sleepy-eyed. But though I lay there, cozy with Zander, I didn’t sleep. It was more of a rest than a nap.  And I wanted to get up and do something.

I did some track-backs out of curiosity.
My Heartwall was Hidden, and created at 27, give or take a year.
Panic at 38 was something I wanted to investigate. Since I am so very good at this chronological stuff (yes, I am being sarcastic), I had to go by the year. That was when I first moved here to AZ and didn’t know anyone or have a job or a car. Yeah, you could say Panic. I also very much wanted to be Un-married. Oh, and I wanted to keep going to CA. I did not want to be in AZ.
Panic in 2005 was when I took a dreadful (Dread-full) desk job and thought I’d be stuck there forever. I pretty much gave up my home business of sewing, and the relationship I had at the time crumbled.
Worthless in 1987 took me back to a time when I distinctly remember thinking I wasn’t good enough, and had sabotaged a lot in my life. hmmmm, yep
Unworthy and Panic at age 26. I never told Charan Surdhar when I lost the house, I just said I did. Guess when I lost the house? Yep, at 26.

Pretty amazing stuff, isn’t it?

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