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Focus Shift Finds Things – an Emotion Code Diary Day 2 of 7

July 13, 2012

Day 2 of 7

No nap again!! WooHoo!! Didn’t even want one.
I had lots to do, but technology wasn’t my best friend. However, when I sat down to write what I had accomplished, I was surprised at the length of the list!! I got things done that weren’t that appealing, but needed to be done. Like, un-procrastination.

I had another goofy dream last night – involving toe shoes, BBQ’d fish heads and closets with multiple (full) laundry baskets. See? More processing! Do not ask me to explain the dream  as it will take forever!! While it was goofy, it made sense to me.
Interesting to note that while Charan Surdhar did clear my Heart Wall, a lot more was done around losing my childhood house and never feeling at home since.
The dream the first night was about a house. I think it was my grandmother’s house. The closet in this latest dream was in the house of an ex-boyfriend.  hmmm . . .going through it all, it seems. Well, better at night when I am asleep than taking up time in the day!

The pain between my shoulders was pretty strong this morning, but I did spend the weekend at a friend’s house, so I think that has a bit to do with it. A lot of time I was lying on the floor, and the bed is different. The pain  did subside quickly and much.

I also took a dance break. That was something new!

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