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Focus Shift Finds Things – an Emotion Code Diary

July 12, 2012

I had an Emotion Code session on Tuesday the 10th with Charan Surdhar and we cleared a LOT O stuff. She told me  that it would take approximately 7 days  to fully process this, so I wanted to document what is developing for me, so you can get a really good idea of what to expect from an Emotion Code session.

Charan found and  cleared stuck emotions,  psychic trauma, some Heartwall emotions and three saboteurs. These saboteurs explained why I could not get rid of the pain between my shoulder blades, no matter the exercises, massages and chiropractic treatments over the years.  Boy, did THAT cause a sigh of relief – Relief, finally!!! That was  also the 1st day since I don’t know when that I didn’t crave a nap in the afternoon.
Day after the session:  I had some odd dreams that night , but it’s to be expected sometimes. People can have really trippy dreams and emotional ups & downs.  This occurs about 20% of the time, so it’s not  a given, but it’s good to know it might happen. I don’t really remember what the dreams were, but realizing it was part of the process made me smile to think my body was at work, integrating the new freedom. I felt a subtle difference – something gentle and peaceful in my overall feeling.

At work I felt relatively normal, until someone began to talk about getting older and therefore losing faculties. I erupted into a tirade of how that’s just their beliefs and  it’s NOT set in stone. I talked about hearing the people mentioned say over and over how they were getting old and forgetful – they’re talking themselves right into it! Needless to say, my co-workers were a bit stunned, albeit amused by such a rousing cry to watch what you’re thinking!! I gave examples of older, vibrant people – the woman who graduated from veterinary school at 78 yrs old, an 85-something Dick van Dyke dancing like he was still 26, Mitzi Gaynor packing the house in her 60’s, and (pardon me) Tina freekin’ Turner.   So many examples can be found of energetic, full-of-life seniors.

And then someone else asked me how I will pay my bills when I go to the 3-month internship. I said that since it had come into my awareness and I had DECIDED that’s what I’m doing, all will be taken care of. Period. Which made me start thinking . . . .

Ran over to where the co-worker was who talked about getting older.  “And ME!!!” I squeeked. “ME!! I started Irish Dance when I was 41 and I competed in the 17-and-over category – not the Adult category. And I consistently got MEDALS!!!!”  She laughed and told me that I just might have saved her life, as she was now thinking that perhaps her life could just get better.    hhmmpphh – is what I am SAYIN’ !!

After that (this was quite the day for Aha’s), I found out one of our leads got a keeper position. This made me happy – – no, actually I was totally thrilled for her! I even did a little dance of joy.

And here’s the kicker of the day:
I have watched fellow Guides find stingray dental plates like mad, sometimes 30 per day. Me? It took me three months to find 3 – so about one per month. I was talking to someone about this and she said “Not bitter, are we?”.
No, I just realize how cool it is that they have a skill that I don’t.

A skill? A skill is something to be developed, isn’t it?

There may be talent involved, especially at the beginning, but a SKILL is something practiced. The only reason I wouldn’t have this skill is because
A) I haven’t been practicing
B) I don’t believe I can acquire such skill.

Phooey and baloney!
So I set about knowing that I could find dental plates just as well as the next person. I know what they look like! Let me tell you though – in a 3-ft deep pool with swimming rays creating waves, a less than one inch long, 1/4 inch wide white, clear or grey dental plate doesn’t shout out that it’s there.
I went round the pool, my head so close to the water that the bill of my hat got soaked 😀 – and found EIGHT of them in 30 MINUTES!!! Mind you, I was trying to pull one up and buried it, so I only have 7 in my possession, but I found and reached eight of them.
Was I excited? A bit, but I was more fascinated with the process than excited over my success. I almost made myself late to clock out! 😆
Here’s a series of photographs showing a dental plate in the pool at the distance I was looking, a close-up (complete with part of a ray), and the dental plates themselves next to a quarter and a dime.
People, all I did was shift my focus from ‘they do it’ to ‘I do it’ !!! You can find what you desire, even if it seems that you’ll never see it in all the clutter of other things!




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  1. Miette permalink
    July 13, 2012 4:42 pm

    How fun, to be able to see things in a new way! Animals are always teaching us . .

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