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On Being Present, part 2

July 10, 2012

Continued from On Being Present

What my Relevance Super-power detected  was about not-thinking. I have been resistant to this because to me it implied that I would enter some void that looked a lot like Zombie-land. Just sitting there like a log lump or staring at nothing. But something nagged at me during this series and then it hit me: it’s the Being. You’re still doing stuff, living and awake & aware. But get rid of all the mind-baggage, and you know stuff.  You’re able to see the hummingbird way over there, and that lovely dragonfly. In the meantime, what you’re doing is still being done. You’re not worrying about what someone said or thought about you. Or what you think about them.  J You’re not fretting over whether you’re good enough. Time flows and you feel alive.

It’s a connection to your innermost self and all the wonders you have in there. It’s hearing messages from friends and family when they’re not with you or on the phone with you. It’s feeling delight in where you are right now, even if it’s not the best situation, because there are things to appreciate.

Erasing all the mind-chatter is a good first step. Meditating is a good way to do this. I have found that listening to some great music and watch the animations computer audio players have is a workable way for me to meditate. Watching the stingrays swim round with the waterfall sound in the background is another. The first doesn’t sound like going into Silence, but it does work for me!

Admitting you have a pain body that’s directing you on auto-pilot is a second step. Having the guts to see your own pain and how it’s affecting you is a big deal. Funny thing is how accepting this thought dis-empowers the pain itself.

I came to the realization that I have been carrying something for 27 years.

TWENTY-SEVEN YEARS.   A part of me has been stuck there, cringing and hiding out, all the while making decisions for me.  What the bleep? I don’t remember packing, but this baggage is heavy!  My belief is that this wouldn’t have surfaced had I not gotten real with myself and sat down to be quiet with me.  Layers. And I am going with parfait, not onions!

Hello me, how are you?

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