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Relax! . . . ???

June 21, 2012

Ever hear the Experts talking about relaxing and letting it happen?
What does that mean?
Let go.
You’re trying too hard.

I once had a customer at the tourist restaurant in Ocala, Fl who knew the route, was a good driver and liked her travelling companion.
But she gripped the wheel so hard when she was driving that she bent her rings! And she couldn’t stand anyone else driving. Whenever she came in she’d be rubbing her sore fingers and cooling them against the iced tea glass.

Worrying about stuff can do that to a person – make them clutch things so hard that it hurts.

I was practicing this relaxing thing, and found myself not doing anything but taking coffee breaks and napping. You may say that I needed the rest, but I think there was something else going on too.
I think I had been nervous about so many things for so long that when I gave myself permission to relax, I went all out. All I thought about was – resting. After waking up on a day off from the Zoo, I’d have some coffee, do about 30 minutes of work at home and then I’d want to take a nap.

I have become an consummate napper. It’s an art. The cats sure like it, as they have a breathing pillow to curl up on, but it’s not what I think the advice is all about.  On the good side, if you can take a nap with all the coffee I drink, then you are an A+ napper.  You are Supreme Sleeper Extraordinaire.
shhh . . . don’t tell, but I think I might be taking a river trip, on Denial.
I can tell you it’s hot and that takes a lot out of a person. I can say that I really did need all that rest after worrying so much.

I can also say ‘I am afraid to step out and be Successful, all by myself’.

Unless I am doing a sleep study, something has to change.

Relaxing, in my opinion, means trusting that you’re OK. It means faith in your passions and dreams. It means making a list if you have to, and doing the things on the list that light you up FIRST. Relaxing is knowing that if you don’t get that list all crossed off, that’s OK too.

Relax!! There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with you.
Maybe later, I’ll take a nap.

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