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Why Do I Do The Emotion Code?

June 6, 2012

Why do I do this work?

Many reasons!

I get to talk to people and animals around the world: England, British Columbia, Slovenia, Germany, The Netherlands; dogs in Ireland.

I also get to visit with people and animals in-person.  I had a session with a friend yesterday, and her cat sat in for Dot. Who knows – maybe Dot sent a message!

Receiving emails and reading posts about clients blossoming into their real selves, and lives unfolding with abundance and possibilities after TEC sessions. That really lights me up!

Things are happening for me, too. Seeing opportunities that I might have overlooked before beginning The Emotion Code. Feeling a true purpose for my life – something I can work with and bring into my daily life. Knowing that I can continue and have it grow as I do is amazing and wonderfully delightful.

How could I NOT  love doing The Emotion Code?



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