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Playing Whack-a-mole with my Wow

May 25, 2012

Ever been sailing along, life is wonderful, synchronicities abounding. You’re smiling from ear-to-ear and looking forward to the next great thing, and…


My WOW got Whack-a-moled!

Out of nowhere!

I was on a clearing session that started out nicely enough, and then this teeny tiny voice said: You’re not doing it right.

Shhhh . . I urged the voice. All quiet on the front for about 10 minutes, and then: You’re silly. This is all made-up and you’re WRONG.

And I kept on going. I was merrily tracking down a trapped emotion, quietly muscle testing myself. I got an answer, asked my person about it, and there was no reply. Not so odd, as sometimes people take a moment to think about it. I jotted down the emotion and the time it occurred, and then . . . . I realized it was very very quiet indeed. Dot had left, too. I looked at the call register and saw the other party had ended the call.

????? Was that voice right? Did I say something soooo made up and dumb that the other person had to hang up?

I cleared that emotion for the other, broke my connection with them and sat there dumbfounded.

What happened? I called them back – no answer. I checked my email – no note of explanation.

I thought of things that could have happened (other than being super-dumb and making things up). The power could have gone out. Their phone battery could have died. The internet connection might have been interrupted.

I still felt rejected, though.

I asked Chad what he usually did when things were going well and then the Whack-a-mole hits. He just shrugged his shoulders and said “Stuff happens.” (I love men’s take on things – so straight to the point most times!)

I went outside and had a sit-down with myself.

I could choose whether to stew about my ‘inability to provide good service’ (ew), or look at all the great sessions I’ve had (ooh). Let’s see now, the good ones outnumber the odd ones 16 – 2. That’s a darn good record! And even one of the odd ones had nice results!

Sneaky little rat voice says “Could be a turning point, you know. Could have been beginner’s luck.”

Yeah, ya know, little Whack-a-mole voice, I respect your opinion, but I don’t buy it. I am now going inside to spend some quality time at GVU.

And that’s when I read the explanatory email. Sure enough, the power for the whole house had gone out. And the person was soo very upset about it! She was worried that I might think something, like . . . . I was so dumb and made things up.

You really can feel that icky feeling, and then CHOOSE where you want to go from there. I made a conscious choice. Do you know how powerful and freeing that is? It’s also rather Courageous, if I may say so.

If I can do it, so can you!

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