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Animal Helpers

May 22, 2012

I find animals to be such helpers in so many ways. They give us unconditional love and are happy when we come home.

They know when we don’t feel good and they give us kisses, purrs or companionship – depending on why we don’t feel good and what type of animal they are. I know it makes me feel better just to think about the furry greeting I’ll get after a hard day.

Animals love to play!! Any time, any where. We need that reminder to play more. We must sometimes seem like such sticks in the mud to them! Our pets are overjoyed when we play with them. It also helps our health and reduces stress . . .  ahhhhh, much better!

Often, we come across a pet with a special talent. It could be awesome Frisbee skills, or Guide tendencies, or even beer-fetching. When I was growing up, my cat would get my mother’s attention when my brother woke up from his nap. We come across stories of bears with pets, dolphins who ‘kiss’ cats & dogs, animals who foster-mother other species.

My favorites are the Healer animals – those who come into our lives and help us learn or heal. Which brings us to Dot, the gorgeous cat on the banner of this site. Whenever I have a distance session for The Emotion Code, she’s in my lap. Dot has picked Animal Dreaming cards for people and they’re always spot-on. Funny thing, though – when I am getting a session, she doesn’t show up!

Dot’s a Healer, for sure!

Animals are sensitive to our feelings and our thoughts. Much more so than we realize. That’s why I surround myself with animals, as they are a constant source of comfort and honesty.

Do you have a story about a Special animal in your life? I’d love to have you share it here!

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  1. May 23, 2012 3:36 pm

    Annette! So nice to get your post!

    I do have a story to share – about my son and our cat. Jackson, as you know, is gifted with autism (high functioning). Before we got Zoomers, we visited the litter twice. Each time, one kitten in particular kept leaving the group & heading to us. Actually, Jackson and I were on different sides of the litter and he got at least 3 visits to my 1. I didn’t need confirmation of a second visit to know who would be coming to live with us. I took Jackson again because, well, that’s what we do – visit animals to get a dose of their love.

    It’s been more than a year since Zoomers joined our family, and every time he goes out to play, I get to feel tickle-warm-special when he comes back – *because* he comes back. To us. Because he *wants* to. How cool!

    But that’s not the main story.

    Jackson was with others for the night. Before he left, he didn’t get his good-bye cuddle with Zoomers – he was out & didn’t come when Jackson called. It was unusual.

    Shortly after Jackson was picked up, I heard Zoomers calling. He was on the bottom branch of a tree – 15-20′ up. I talked with him, “I know you can do it, you’re an extraordinary tree climber, but if you need me to, I will get the ladder so you can jump into my arms. I’ll finish what I’m doing in the house, and if you’re not down then, I’ll be back. It’ll be about 20 minutes.”

    20 minutes later he was at the front door.

    I called Jackson before bedtime that night, told him what happened, said I’d put the phone to Zoomers’ ear so he could talk to him. Immediately – truth, no exaggeration – Zoomers started purring like a motor! (loudest purrer I’ve ever known – talk about motorboating!) I could hear Jackson’s voice. When I put the phone back to my ear, Zoomers stopped just as quickly. Of course I had to do it again, and he purred just the same, except this time he started purring even before I got the phone to his ear.

    Jackson slept great that night.
    So did I.
    With Zoomers on my bed.

    Love that cat.


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