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Law of Attraction?

May 11, 2012

Some people think the Law of Attraction can get them things. That if they think positive thoughts, their life will change for the better.

But the Law of Attraction is a LAW – like the law of gravity. If you’re standing under an apple tree and shake a branch, the law of gravity does not GIVE you an apple. The apple responds to the law of gravity and falls towards the ground.

Which makes me want to change the name to the Law of Resonance. What you resonate with appears in your sphere of experience. When you’re at a guitar store and strum one of the guitars, the others that are tuned in the same way will hum. Usually the same note, too. It’s fun! It’s also a great example of how this stuff works. Try it – (it makes the staff smile. Or squirm, if they’re having THAT kind of day.)

You’re angry, things go wrong. (Because the Law is responding)

You have a fit of giggles and suddenly EVERYTHING is hilariously funny (responding again)

‘K, so how do we leverage this Law of Attraction Resonance?

Well first of all, if you want apples, you don’t go to a peach orchard. Nor do you stand under the apple tree with no apples. Or worse than no apples, rotten apples! BLECH!

Find your apple orchard and a tree with ripe, tasty apples.  Do you want one apple or are you making an apple pie? That determines whether you’re going to shake a branch with an apple or two, or the whole tree.

Watch out though! Do not stand directly under those falling apples or you’ll get bonked. I know someone who wanted a whole package deal, and when she got it, it was so sudden and amazing that she almost ran away from it. She had to take the ‘I can’t believe this is happening to me’ charge off it before she was OK with it.

Yeah yeah, this is all great Annette – what the heck to do for realz? Like without the metaphor?

1. Turn away from the stuff you don’t want. You can pay attention to it so you can get a clear list of what you DO want – in plain terms. “I don’t want a long commute” does not compute. What you get is a long commute. Even if you find yourself close to work! Traffic appears to make that ‘not long commute’ waaay longer than you had planned.

“A  short, pleasant drive” is much more suitable and will get better results. Get the idea?

2. Make time for yourself every day. Something, anything that makes you laugh or relax or just plain feel good. This can be challenging in today’s world, but DO IT. It’s amazing how much more you’ll get accomplished and how much more relaxed you’ll feel. MAKE THE TIME FOR YOU. You are the most important thing in your life. Without you, your life is very empty

3. If/when you find you’re not believing you can change your life for the better, clear it out! In fact if you’re just starting on this journey, you may want to do this first. There are so many ways to do this. There’s EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), a funky-fun way to ease or eliminate limiting thoughts & behavior through tapping on the meridian points of your body. NPA (Non-Personal Awareness) is another easy to do method. The Sedona Method – so simple it’s kinda weird at first. The Work by Byron Katie. Listen to teachers and healers – they’re so easy to find through telesummit series. Find a coach – pick one that appeals to you, please. It does no one any good if you just pick the first one you see (unless you’re good with your intuition).

4. DO_NOT_WHINE. “Are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet” only gives you: we are not there yet.  Sad, hound-dog eyes gets you sad, hound-dog things. (and makes you feel rather small, yes?)

“I want the perfect relationship and I WANT IT NOW!!!!”    hehehe . . . . guess who YOU’d get?? The perfect, tantum-throwing partner.  heehee       Or no one at all, cause you’re like . . . scary.

Find your Tribe, Herd or Peeps. Clear out that old stale “I can’t” with some method or other. Let your dreams out so we can see you shine!



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