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Healin’ Horses – I love it!

May 11, 2012

I got the best gifts yesterday when I visited Arizona Equine Rescue Organization to do The Emotion Code on some of their horses. Soleil introduced me to the barn and suggested I work on who I felt drawn to.

   The horse that caught my eye (and heart!) is a small chestnut mare named Misty. I just wanted to hug her all day! She made me want to cry, so I started right away to see if I could clear some emotions for her. I was alone with her in the stall, and each time I came to a strong ‘Yes’, she’d nod her head or smack her lips. What a great confidence builder! We cleared 2 emotions for her, and then Misty nodded off into a peaceful nap. I found out that she has bonded strongly with older geldings, and then they transition. She’s had a bit of sadness in her life.  Here’s to letting go of that so she can be a happy horse!

Cheers was my 2nd client –  a tall (18-hand) chestnut who just seemed to be a big equine teenager.    He was out in the pasture, but was very cooperative! (perhaps the hay helped?), and after clearing 2 emotions for him he decided he was Done. Walked away. Didn’t look back. OK, then big boy – you know what your body needs!  He had trapped emotions of humiliation and anxiety. He used to be a show horse, and he didn’t really like it. Now that he’s not showing he feels better, and I hope these 2 clearings will improve his emotional      health even more!

  I moved on to Solstice, a lovely mare who likes to foster any orphaned foals brought to AERO.  She was AMAZING to work on.  She brought her head around to me when I was getting close to tracking down the trapped emotion.  So patient, too! She stood very nicely for us, even though she was free to roam the pasture. It was as if she knew she was helping me learn to help! We cleared failure and conflict for her, and when the conflict cleared I got total body goosebumps and about 50,000 butterflies in my stomach! I’ve learned even at this early venture that when a deep clearing like that occurs, it’s usually time to stop and let the body process. I asked her if that’s what she wanted, and it was.

Zephyrus . . .ah Zephyrus. A nice-looking bay who is able to see aura’s and feel energy. If you’re stewing about something, don’t bring it to Zephyrus! He’ll ask you to leave – and not so kindly! (this I learned AFTER I worked on him!) We cleared effort unreceived and anxiety. Although, when I asked for more info on the anxiety, all he wanted to do was nibble on the magnet! So I chose to clear it without any more questions. He stood nice & still too – even though he normally doesn’t like his poll (just behind the ears) touched. And then he followed close behind me, on the lookout for that magnet. Funny boy.

Cheers came to say goodbye as I left, which made me feel better – he wasn’t ‘done’ with me, that magnet-wielding human – just the clearing session.

It didn’t really surprise me that 3 out of 4 horses at the rescue had Anxiety to clear.  Which is why I decided to go to a rescue in the first place. They need lovin’ and lots of it.

What a great day working on my first animal clients! Thank you, Arizona Equine Rescue Organization & Soleil, Misty, Cheers, Solstice and Zephyrus!

Monday 5/14/12

I received an email from Soleil! She says Zephyrus seems calmer and Misty seems brighter – I love this stuff! 🙂

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  1. May 15, 2012 5:33 pm

    Love this post, Annette, and look forward to reading more about all the humans and animals you are helping! It was clear that the horses loved the clearings and knew you were there to *help them*!

    Best regards,

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